Europe to You

Taking versatility and sophistication to mind, the etúHOME collection is inspired by classically European designs while keeping sustainability at the forefront of the brand.

etúHOME utilize’s 19th century timber, recycled glass and sustainably harvested beams to craft their products.  As buildings in and around Budapest fall into demolition, they are able to salvage the beams used to support them. Just like Time For Decor, they find beauty in extending resources and giving materials a second life. Additionally, thoughts go beyond the materials they utilize. etúHOME believes sustainability should extend beyond the product’s core materials all the way to the factory where the product is made; ensuring a safe environment, a fair living wage, and the contribution to a prosperous and healthy community. At etúHOME we call this Modern Sustainability, and it feels good.


What They're saying
Loved my Flea Market Flip Class! Lisa and her staff are so knowledgeable and helpful, they make everything seem so easy! Super inspiring and can’t wait to tackle my next project. Thank you ladies!!
Tami Mares Green Bay