Place Settings, Glass and Barware, Serving Pieces, and Melamine

Dishes! We use them everyday, but don’t really “see” them until we set the table for company! Then we panic about how many matching salad plates we have… or don’t have. We suddenly see every chip from the millions of trips from cupboard to table to dishwasher and back to cupboard!  But now you can have beauty and function from the amazing selection of pattern and color choices of the Portugal made dishes at Time for Decor. Made in a single firing system, the process creates stoneware so durable that it is resistant to both thermal and mechanical shocks. You and your family deserve the dishes that set a table like its ready for the in-laws!



A few of our stunning table-top vendors include:

What They're saying
“Had a very nice time this past weekend at a private party! The staff were extremely helpful during the process, making their way around to each one of us and assisting in whatever way they could. The products all turned out awesome!”
Jenni Collette Allouez, WI