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Not Your Grandma’s Plastic Flowers

April 17, 2019

Adding fresh flowers and live plants to a room brings life to your decor! But when it comes to the cost of filling your vases every week or the time to keep your green plants looking healthy, well lets just say that most of us fall short on our efforts!

There has always been interest in recreating the beauty of perishable flowers in a more permanent form. I remember as a high school cheerleader in the 70’s, making  chrysanthemums  from crepe paper to sell at football games to raise money for the pep club! Proving everything old is new again, I chuckled when I saw these surprisingly life-like blooms being featured on the cover of the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine in Spring 2001!

There were foam flowers in the 196o’s with the advent of new polymers and urethanes in the 1960s, longer lasting then crepe paper for sure, but not very attractive. Then came the mass-produced plastic flowers — awful weren’t they? Who doesn’t remember seeing pots of faded plastic petals on porch of the elderly lady in your neighborhood?  It took quite some time for interest in artificial flowers to rise again following this low point in their history. However, recent advances in fabrics, finishes and manufacturing techniques have resulted in new products that make you do a double take!

I’ve actually seen people bend down for a sniff after touching some of the faux flowers in the store. Even after a gentle touch to the petal, they were unsure of whether or not they were real!  This changes everything! Adding these into your decor is a game changer. Oh! The colors and textures! They can add the pop of color you’re longing for in your room without committing to say, an expensive piece of art or some other decor piece.

And the bonus of these floral beauties is that they can change the look of your room in an instant. With the use of just a simple, generic vase, replacing one bunch of flowers with another can take a room from playfully casual to sophisticated and elegant. And adding a seasonal touch to a room takes no time at all. Switch out the real touch tulips with some big blooming sunflowers and you just went from summer to fall!

The reproduction technology doesn’t stop with flowering stems though. There are all kinds of botanically correct bloomless plants like ferns and ????.  An artistically crafted container filled of these can be a focal point in any room. And they never need watering!

Certainly the cost of these life like stems are higher then the old plastic ones sold at the discount and craft stores, but the visual value warrants that cost. And because most are fade resistant, with proper storage when not in use, can last for years!

If you haven’t entered into the new faux flower era yet, grab a vase and start shopping!

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